Pulse Australia Members

Pulse Australia represents all sectors of the Australian pulse industry and invites businesses and organisations with a vested interest in the industry to support the work of their peak industry body.

The Pulse Australia Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Industry Development Managers form a cohesive team with wide ranging skills and experience in the Australian and International pulse industry. They provide consistent, knowledgeable and readily accessible information to members and for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Pulse Australia members in the grain accumulation, processing and trading sector and the agricultural inputs and services sector select a level of membership that reflects their involvement with the pulse industry. 

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Pulse Australia recommends their member organisations. Pulse Australia member organisations agree to:

  • comply with Australian laws and regulations relating to the merchandising, inspection, grading, weighing, storing, handling and shipment of pulse grain and other commodities,
  • maintain and promote the highest ethical standards and honest procedures in the transaction of business with other members of Pulse Australia and the public,
  • engage in sales and purchasing methods, promotional practices and other transactions, giving consideration to the best interests of the pulse industry as well as the public,
  • be bound by the provisions of the Australian Grain Industry - Code of Practice.

Pulse Australia welcomes the following business as members and sincerely thanks them for their support.

Agrisemm Global Brokerage Pty Ltd Contact: Peter Semmler T: 08 8367 0307 E: petesemmler@gmail.com www.agrisemm.com
Agromin Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Rajni Patel T: 02 8231 0155 E: rajni@agromin.com.au www.agromin.com.au
AGT Foods Australia Contact: Peter Wilson T: 07 4633 9600 E: exports.au@agtfoods.com www.agtfoods.com/Australia
AmSpec Contact: Lee Shilvock T: +61 [0] 400 333 768 E: lee.shilvock@amspecgroup.com www.amspecgroup.com
Associated Grain Contact: Todd Jorgensen T: 07 4662 1999 E: a.grain@bigpond.net.au www.associatedgrain.com.au
Australian Grain Export Pty Ltd Contact: William Alexander T: 08 8857 4990 E: william@australiangrainexport.com.au www.australiangrainexport.com.au
Australian Mungbean Association Contact: Secretary T: 07 4695 1466 E: secretary@mungbean.org.au www.mungbean.org.au
Australian Superintendence Company Contact: Andrew Parry T: 07 3391 8640 E: aparry@asc.co www.asc.co
Bean Growers Australia Contact: Lloyd Neilsen T: 07 4162 1100 E: info@beangrowers.com.au www.beangrowers.com.au
Blue Ribbon Group Contact: Stephen Donnelly T: 07 3363 8400 E: stephen@blueribbongroup.com.au www.blueribbongroup.com.au
Centre State Exports Pty Ltd Contact: Ben Lange T: 08 8272 3566 E: ben@centrestateexports.com.au www.centrestateexports.com.au
Cogeser (Australia) Pty Ltd Contact: Robert Luetolf T: 08 7221 2050 E: robert@cogeser.com.au www.cogeser.com.au
Fertinvest Pty Ltd Contact: Preyesh Barar T: 08 9467 7477 E: preyesh.barar@fertinvest.com www.fertinvest.com
Freedom Exports & Trade Contact: Marina Bartholomeusz T: 03 8802 8472 E: freedomex@optusnet.com.au
Gourmet Foods of Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Karim Takieddine T: 02 8668 5992 E: karim@gfa.com.au www.gfa.com.au
GrainCorp Operations Limited Contact: Metha Praphakorn T: 02 9266 9236 E: mpraphakorn@graincorp.com.au www.graincorp.com.au
GrainTrend Pty Ltd Contact: Sanjiv Dubey T: 02 8039 0400 E: sanjiv@graintrend.com www.graintrend.com
Intertek Contact: Ben Jones T: 08 8301 1900 E: ben.jones@intertek.com www.intertek.com/food/
Mallon Commodity Brokering Contact: Ian Mallon T: 0403 190 099 E: ian@mcbrokering.com www.mcbrokering.com
Mt Tyson Seeds Pty Ltd Contact: Brett McIntyre T: 07 4693 7166 E: Brett.McIntyre@olamnet.com
Namoi Cotton Commodities Pty Ltd Contact: Shane McGregor T: 07 4631 6109 E: Smcgregor@namoicotton.com.au www.namoicotton.com.au
Nidera Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Rob Brealey T: 07 4639 5555 E: RBrealey@nidera.com www.nidera.com.au
PB Seeds Pty Ltd Contact: Peter Blair T: 03 5383 2213 E: info@pbseeds.com.au www.pbseeds.com.au
Peagrowers Co-operative Ltd Contact: Shane Wall T: 03 5497 1766 E: shane@peaco.com.au
Peters Commodities Contact: Mike Oxley T: 03 9824 6994 E: mike@petcom.com.au www.petcom.com.au
Phoenix Commodities (Aus) Pty Ltd Contact: Jogesh Virk T: 07 3553 7111 E: jogesh.virk@pclworld.net www.phoenixcommodities.com
SANWA Contact: Daniel Ferster T: 02 9362 4088 E: dferster@sanwa.com.au www.sanwa.com.au
Seednet Contact: Simon Crane T: 03 5448 3881 E: simon.crane@seednet.com.au www.seednet.com.au
Selected Pulse Foods Pty Ltd Contact: Brett McIntyre T: 07 4693 2140 E: Brett.McIntyre@olamnet.com www.selectedpulsefoods.com.au
Societa Cofica Pty Ltd Contact: Dia Ram Sharma T: 03 9429 8070 E: dia@societacofica.com.au www.societacofica.com.au
Teague Australia Pty Ltd Contact: Tim Teague T: 08 8232 0664 E: info@teague.com.au www.teague.com.au
UniGrain Pty Ltd Contact: Bill May T: 03 5345 6224 E: bmay@unigrain.com.au www.unigrain.com.au
Ward McKenzie Pty Ltd Contact: Geoff Hammon T: 03 9398 4011 E: reception@ward.com.au www.mckenziesfoods.com.au
Wimpak Pty Ltd Contact: James French T: 03 5385 7055 E: jfrench@wimpak.com.au www.wimpak.com.au