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2020 Jade mungbeans – Monto

March 30, 2020
Monto grower Matthew Pattie grows mungbean in rotation with cereals. This dryland crop is sown into wheat stubble and will be followed with either wheat or barley.

Varied fallow options

March 03, 2020
The Accornero family is seeing the benefits that crop rotation and diversity is bringing to their soil health.

Building biological activity

February 28, 2020
Lyle Glenwright is moving to a controlled traffic farming system, using zonal tillage and planting legume cover crops on his cane block at Abergowrie.

Legume Agronomy, Burdekin – workshop summary

December 31, 2019
Pulse crops have a major positive role to play in coastal farming systems and can fit will in the sugarcane rotation. This article summarises expert presentations at the SRA Soil Health workshops held in the Burdekin in October 2019.

6-steps to soybean success

December 27, 2019
A 5-year research program led by Dr. Fred Below, University of Illinois identified the impact of six key management decisions on soybean yield.

Pulse crop protection in coastal farming systems

November 04, 2019
Pulses are used primarily for direct human consumption and crop protection products are essential to preserve yield and grain quality in pulse crops. BUT if they are not used correctly they can ruin Australia’s lucrative export markets. There is no room for error – right product, right rate, right time, right application.