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Pulse crop protection in coastal farming systems

November 04, 2019
Pulses are used primarily for direct human consumption and crop protection products are essential to preserve yield and grain quality in pulse crops. BUT if they are not used correctly they can ruin Australia’s lucrative export markets. There is no room for error – right product, right rate, right time, right application.

Crop protection permits

November 03, 2019
Pulse crops are protected using products that are registered or permitted for a specific use pattern. Knowing and following the label and permit instructions is of paramount importance to protect Australian grain markets and ensure our products are safe to eat.

Crop rotation to manage nematodes

October 23, 2019
Get to know your nematodes! Legumes can help manage nematode numbers but not all legumes react the same way to the presence of root-knot and root lesion nematodes.

December soybeans in Northern NSW

October 20, 2019
Innovation and sustainability drives long-term farming success By Brad Pfeffer, SRA The Walsh family at Woodburn in northern NSW are passionate about sugarcane farming, and doing everything they can to make their farm profitable and sustainable for the long term. With more than 100 years of cane growing history, the Walsh family has seen plenty of changes and innovations to the industry. Farming at Woodburn in the Broadwater mill area, Tom is fourth generation at the family property and son Marty is fifth generation. They farm about 440 hectares of cane over several farms in the area, with th...

Mixed species fallow trial

October 10, 2019
NSW grower Robert Quirk is one of the growers with a trial site on his farm for the mixed species fallow, and said he was keen to learn more about something that was novel to NSW.

2019 HatTrick chickpea at Byee

October 03, 2019
Check in on the progress of this PBA HatTrick chickpea crop on heavy black/grey soil near Byee, Inland Burnett. Planted late June 2019, following cotton.