2019 Kyabra chickpea – Monto

Posted in PulseCheck–Coastal on Jul 14, 2019

2019 Kyabra chickpea on self-mulching clay – Monto

Grower: Matthew Pattie

Locality of crop: Monto

Farming system: 100% dryland cropping. Growing sorghum, chickpea, mungbean, wheat and oats. Have had success with mungbeans following a winter cereal, and chickpea after a long fallow in the last 6–7 years. This year is the first trial of double cropping chickpea after sorghum. Double cropping with pulses have been ‘business-saving’ for the Pattie family after moving out of pig production in 2007.

Monitored area: 30 ha of chickpeas sown on brigalow belah self-mulching soils

Pre-plant actions:

  • Sorghum harvested 24/3/19.
  • Soil moisture profile filled with 173 mm rain falling between early March and the end of April.
  • One fallow spray to kill ratoon sorghum and the few weeds present 2 weeks prior to planting.

Planting: Chickpeas sown between rows of standing sorghum stubble.

  • Kyabra variety chickpea sown into standing sorghum stubble on 4 June. The Patties like this variety because it has good plant height for harvest and yields well historically.
  • Crop was sown using a tyne opener. Crop planted 30” apart between old sorghum rows on a 6 m CTF system to reduce compaction and increase efficiency.
  • Sown at 50 kg/ha, 100 mm deep into good moisture, 5 weeks after the last rainfall event.
  • Inoculant was applied as a peat slurry to seed through the auger when loading the seeder.
  • No other seed treatments or fertiliser was applied.
  • Pre-emergent chemical applied after planting to ensure broadleaf weeds are kept out of crop.
  • Chickpeas fully emerged 10 days after planting

Chickpea seed sown into good soil moisture at 100 mm depth, 5 weeks after last rain.

Week 4

Management notes:

  • Crop emergence has been good. One crop row affected by damaged air seeder line wont effect crop yield.
  • There has been no significant rainfall since April 25, only small falls of less than 5 mm.
  • Crop looks thrifty and is progressing well.
  • There are no weeds in crop at all and no insect issues.

Chickpea growing well on stored soil moisture.

Week 5

Management notes:

  • Just 2 mm of rain fell in the last week.
  • Crop unchanged – no weeds have emerged and crop not under any threat of insect or other pests.

Week 6

Cop progress steady Management notes:

  • No effective rain now since April 25.
  • Frosty mornings with cool sunny days this week.
  • No weed or insect pressure.
  • Crop is doing well on good subsoil moisture.

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