PBA Seamer chickpea release

Posted in News and events, Agronomy alert on Aug 26, 2016

New chickpea variety offers superior disease resistance

for the northern region growing areas

Download the Variety Management Package for PBA Seamer

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair and Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Northern Panel Chair James Clark announced the release of a new chickpea variety with superior disease resistance at the AgQuip Field Days in Gunnedah.

Mr Blair said the NSW Government, through the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is partnering with GRDC to invest in priority research needs, key researchers and research facilities to help improve productivity and profitability of farm businesses.

“The national chickpea crop this year is estimated to have a farm gate value of over $700 million and is the backbone of the norther cropping region with 70 per cent grown in this area,” Mr Blair said.

“We are proud to announce the newest desi chickpea variety PBA Seamer during this the International Year of Pulses.

“This new chickpea variety will give our local farmers an edge over their global counterparts and help them to capture a greater market share in lucrative local and global markets.”

GRDC Northern Panel Chair, James Clark said PBA Seamer has the highest available Ascochyta blight resistance rating compared to PBA HatTrick and PBA Boundary, and is also moderately resistant to Phytophthora root rot.

“Under very high Ascochyta blight disease pressure, PBA Seamer outperforms with minimal yield loss, compared with 76 per cent yield loss in the current industry benchmark variety,” said Mr Clark.

“This means, through reduced fungicide use the cost of production will drop by $21 million per annum compared to the current industry standard.”

Source: NSW DPI Ministerial Release

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