Pulse input suppliers

Many of Pulse Australia's members provide pulse production inputs and services. Pulse Australia member organisations agree to:

  • comply with Australian laws and regulations relating to the merchandising, inspection, grading, weighing, storing, handling and shipment of pulse grain and other commodities,
  • maintain and promote the highest ethical standards and honest procedures in the transaction of business with other members of Pulse Australia and the public,
  • engage in sales and purchasing methods, promotional practices and other transactions, giving consideration to the best interests of the pulse industry as well as the public,
  • be bound by the provisions of the Australian Grain Industry - Code of Practice.

Crop protection

Seed suppliers

Australian Mungbean Association Contact: Secretary T: 07 4695 1466 E: secretary@mungbean.org.au www.mungbean.org.au
PB Seeds Pty Ltd Contact: Peter Blair T: 03 5383 2213 E: info@pbseeds.com.au www.pbseeds.com.au
Seednet Contact: Simon Crane T: 03 5448 3881 E: simon.crane@seednet.com.au www.seednet.com.au

Scientific services

Australian Superintendence Company Contact: Andrew Parry T: 07 3391 8640 E: aparry@asc.co www.asc.co
Intertek Contact: Ben Jones T: 08 8301 1900 E: ben.jones@intertek.com www.intertek.com/food/