2017 pulse fungicide guides

Posted in Agronomy alert on Jul 08, 2017

2017 fungicide guides for pulse crops

After a reasonable autumn break for sowing crops, conditions in many regions have become cold and dry, with frosty mornings. Fungal diseases need only limited moisture to infect crops (heavy dew may provide enough moisture), so monitoring needs to be continued through the different growth stages of the crop. With good access for ground sprayers this year, allowing for high water rates and canopy penetration, timely fungicide application will give the crop the best chance of a high yield.

In light of the ongoing pressure for fungal disease in pulse crops this year, Pulse Australia has compiled Fungicide use guides for the 2017 season. These guides provide a consolidated list of chemicals and approved usage patterns, for both on-label and permit.

Note that some of the permit-enabled use patterns are via Minor Use Permits, which have been specifically approved to deal with the current fungal conditions. Many of these permits will expire once the 2017 season has concluded.

For more detailed information about integrated disease management, check the Publications or Pulse crop sections of our website.

Lists of all cuurent and recently pulse crop minor use permits (MUP) are provided on the Pulse Australia crop protection page.

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